Sustainable Fashion

MLO Jewelry - The Brand

Introducing original and limited edition pieces. Handcrafted to perfection using semiprecious stones, sterling, 925 silver, natural horn and eco friendly materials.

Mariana, the designer,  has over a ten decade track record as a jewelry designer, constantly innovating her creations anticipating designs trends.

Her timeless collections are characterized by strong shapes, sophisticated colors and attention to detail.

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Deep blue

Under The Sea

Under the Sea Collection


Our Materials

For our collections we use eco-friendly, organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable and renewable materials. These include our signature organic and re-purposed horn, bone, shells, bronze, 14k gold, precious and semi-precious stones. No animals are harmed by the sourcing of the horn. Due to the nature of the horn, the color and texture varies from dark brown to brown to caramel to white. That makes all the pieces unique and beautiful.

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